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That’s because you’re looking for anything, anything, to boost your organic Google or Yahoo page rank to the first page of your site, new or old. You came to this page because you were looking for that thing. Everyone wants to be there. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to figure out how to get there. It’s a bit like turning a blank canvas into a work of art. The good news is that there are many things you can do, and when you combine them, your website will slowly become what you want search engines to see as ‘something worth checking out’.

“What is your website about?” In many cases, website owners will spend hours talking about what they want to do, how good their service is, and why they are the best. Then we visit their website and when we open it we only see a (sometimes) flashy domain name and contact details. To search engines, it’s just a paper business card. They can put it in a folder and forget about it, but it doesn’t mean much to them. It can be washed or worse, they may decide they don’t need it after getting it.


Substance is what search engines need to find relevant content for their users. This means well-written, interesting content that keeps visitors on your page as soon as they arrive, and most importantly, gives search engines something to crawl. People will still think, “What is your website about?” if you don’t have a lot of good content.


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Easy to follow tips for SEO content

“Top Google Rankings” can be bought from many companies on the web. They say things like ‘Google guarantees #1’. SEOs that say they can guarantee rankings, say they have a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise with “submit priority” to Google should be a red flag. You don’t need to submit to Google first.


However, there is a lot that people with a website can do to help search engine spiders read their website faster and give their website a fresh look.


It may not seem like these 10 simple tips are all that important, but they can help in your battle for better rankings in the major search engines.


You can use online tools to find out how many people are searching for your keywords and how competitive those terms are. The more people search for something, the more people will compete for that traffic. But if you do it right, a lot of people can see you.


2. Make sure your page content is the same as your title description and any metadata (description and keywords). They should describe the content on that page as accurately as possible.


3. Use an H1 tag and make sure it contains your most important keywords.


Make sure your H2 and H3 tags contain other important keywords to ensure the content is still relevant. This is step 4.


5. When adding links, don’t write “click here” or “read more”. Instead, write a description that is relevant to the link purpose.


6. Make some words and sentences bold so that they stand out to visitors. This also makes any important information you have, such as web design quotes, easier to find and read.


7: Don’t use too many keywords in the text of your own pages Using too many words on your website makes it look bad for search engines.


It’s important to think about your users when writing content, not just spiders. After all, you want to impress users.


9. When using images in your writing, use the “alt text” tag to describe what the image is for or refers to. Alternative descriptions for images must contain keywords, but they must be related to the image itself.


10. Don’t post the same thing everywhere on the site. Pages must be different. Try optimizing different pages for some (or different) keywords and see if that helps.

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