Tips For Freelance Developers

When submitting proposals on Elance and other online marketplaces, there are often many other developers competing with you for the project. However, if you know how to write a winning proposal, you can easily win – even if you ask a little more than what other developers have submitted. Below you will learn how to write successful proposals and more valuable tips for freelance developers.

Be specific – Be as specific as possible when writing your proposal. Let the customer know exactly what you are going to do to help them achieve their goals and get the product they want. If you have other hints and information that should be provided, please include them in your offer proposal. Includes everything you can do to help clients see your vision for their project. The more you dig into it and explain what’s happening, the more the client will see the benefit of hiring you as their developer.

Show samples – Always include samples in your proposal. When clients can see the work you’ve done in the past, especially if it’s your best work, they’re more likely to hire you. Think about it – without seeing the samples, they won’t know how much work you’re doing. Sure, you can tell them it’s fine, but showing them with examples is the best way to communicate the quality of your work. Offer to send samples or just send them with your proposal so the client can see what they need to see before hiring you.

Keep the prices fair – When writing your proposal, make sure that the prices remain fair. It is important that your offer price is fairly close to that of other freelancers, give or take a few bucks. If your proposal is just below other freelancers, that’s fine, because clients automatically see proposals among others. You don’t want to make it too low because you want it to be worth your time, but a slightly lower offer can sometimes help you get items if you have no other choice!

Know that you need to be specific when writing a proposal if you want it to grab the customer’s attention. Also, it is the best way to win an item, including samples and keep a fair price. By using the tips above, you can write a winning proposal and get that awesome freelance developer project! Good luck and have fun bidding!

Online Blog Success Tips For Freelancers

Everyone wants to be successful on a blog, but it is never easy. Why? Because you compete with more than 80 million bloggers around the world who also want to be successful. Freelancers who are new to blogging have to work the hardest so that their blogs can steadily increase their Google page rank. So annoying, isn’t it? You may think they are shortcuts to success! But the reality is that there are no comprehensive quick fixes for blogging success. To succeed on your blog, here are some tips to guide your success.

Know yourself before starting a blog

This is very important to your success in the blogging world. Knowing yourself will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have identified your strengths, you can start a blog. You will only attract the attention of your visitors if your blog contains valuable and useful information.

Choose your niche

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, a niche is a comfortable or appropriate role, job, or lifestyle. For example, if you like football, you can write about football. Choosing your niche depends on several factors; like will your niche drive traffic to your blog, or will people google a lot? The most popular areas for bloggers to focus on creating a niche are online income, freelancing, technology, fitness and health. The niche or field you choose is highly competitive because at least 1 million online users have chosen a similar niche. That’s why you have to work extra hard to be successful.

Create your blog

Creating your blog is very easy. You can create a blog with Blogger or WordPress. Personally, I use Blogger because it is a Google product. So you have the added benefit of blogging via Blogger instead of WordPress. I’m not saying WordPress is bad, my mentor used WordPress to create his blog. After four years of hard work, his WordPress blog is now bringing him a steady stream of income.

Create quality content on your blog

You are new to the blogging world. You can’t write a high-quality post or article at first. You start by writing poor quality posts, and then you will improve over time. Remember, in order to improve the quality, make it a habit to read articles online. For example, John wants to write an article about blogging success tips. He should read blogs about blogging success tips to know what to write about. After getting an idea, John will write his quality article or post, then publish it and online users will comment on his article. Never copy someone else’s article, Google will punish you. Every blogger is unique and you have to find your own style to write articles.

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