Try these marketing tips for freelance writers

Try these marketing tips for freelance writers

Write a column for a publication

If the column is relevant to the publication, and the editor believes you can continue to provide qualified material, then the editor will be really attracted to the column. Columns can also attract advertisers to the publication. Sections on automobiles, boating, home improvement, gardening, fashion, health, sports, entertainment, travel and more attract advertisers.

Writing columns offers unique benefits as a freelance writer, especially securing work on a regular basis. You can also build a name for yourself by writing a column faster.

Writing columns is easy when you have this knowledge. For example, a column could be the question and answer section of a professional magazine, including photography, computers, gardening, fishing, or personal finance.

Regional newspapers also like columns that reflect the interests of the readers. For example, every newspaper in a coastal town area should have or consider a column on:

local tourism
Shopping area
retirement investment
Write content for clubs and associations

There are thousands of organizations, clubs and associations in Australia that need writers and editors. Some people are well aware of their needs, others don’t even think about it.

However, all associations must communicate. They must produce newsletters and magazines, flyers and advertising content. There is always a need for materials to increase membership and raise much needed funds.

Articles from local newspapers and publications

Writers looking to publish for the first time often overlook their immediate opportunity: their local newspaper. Many newspapers use a network of freelance journalists to report:

community news
Rate a restaurant
Write a Feature Story
School Sports Report
Write a social column
They often do other work that journalists don’t have time for. Most local newspapers are open to competent unsolicited material relevant to their readership.

Write about the “main” problem

You may want to write something about the “main problem”. Remember that the biggest problem is in the eyes of your readers. They do not need to concern themselves with matters of global importance. The importance of all stories is relevant, and a big question is what is important to the reader.

If you’re writing for a local publication, you’ll probably need a new “stop sign” at the intersection. In veterinary publications, the most important question may be news about a new strain of virus affecting cats.

Consider Consolidating Your Work

Whether you’re a writer, photographer, photo-writer, or even part of a collaborative team, the real profit often comes from multiple sales of your stories. This may be easier than you think.

In the Australian market, stories can be rewritten and illustrated for various publications. If your story is the type that attracts international attention, it is relatively easy to find a film agency in Europe or the United States that is willing to sell your work on a global scale.

In summary…

Considering other ways to market your items is critical to ensure success. These are just some of the top marketing tips for freelance writers – I’ll be covering more great ideas in the coming weeks – be sure to check back for more helpful tips and advice.

TIP – Before you even get to the point of a marketing article, make sure you cover the following four “golden rules” for writing articles:

Is it news?
If it’s not news, is there an angle?
Is this article interesting for a wide readership?
Do you know the readership that will be of interest to this article?
Good luck with your article marketing!

Fraser is a freelance journalist, writer and CEO of Pro-Content Australia, a global provider of professional online and offline content writing services.


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